Nicolae Oancea

Bucharest, Romania

Valentin Moraru - conductor

Competition Concert

Title Composer Duration
Ploaia M. Hronek 4.00
Cine este moraru D. Dediu 2.00
Doruletul I. Chirescu 2.00
In calea mantuirii P. Stefanescu 2.00
Miluieste-ma G. Cucu 3.00
Doamne miluieste P. Constantinescu 2.00

This choir is the continuance of the Teacher’s Choir whose inaugural concert was in December 1932, conducted by the famous teacher and composer Nicolae Oancea (1893-1974). Since January 1996 the choir has been known by the name Collegium Cantorum Nicolae Oancea. The conductor is Valentin Moraru and the president is Valeria Ionescu.

The choir members are music teachers in the high schools and other schools. The choir’s desire is to promote Romanian religious and laic choral music in their own country and in other countries.

The choir has participated in festivals and contests in Romania and in other countries (Austria, Italy, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, and France). Each concert has demonstrated the capacity of the choir to emit feelings of joy through their singing. In 1996 the Choral Association Collegium Cantorum Nicolae Oancea became the founding member of the Association of the Choral Singing ”A Choeur Joie-International”.

The Bucharest teaching staff choir, Collegium Cantorum - Nicolae Oancea, is a non profit association and has performed concerts and made connections with other choirs from Romania and other countries since 1996.

The management and the organization of the choir activity is under the president and teacher Valeria Ionescu. He has shown his talent, passion and desire to work for the achievement of his artistic phenomenon.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

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