Mixed Choir “Rodina”

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Emil Minev - conductor

Folk Concert

Title Composer Duration
Little Mischevous Girl S. Gaydov 1.50
Nani mi, nani damiancho L. Pipkov 3.40
Iove, malaj mome A. Tanev 4.30

Pop Concert

Title Composer Duration
Michelle J. Lennon; P. McCartney 3.15
Ezekiel Saw de Wheel W. L. Dawson 3.00
Juramento M. Matamorus 3.20

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Duration
Dostoino est A. Tekeliev 3.20
Milost mira and Tebe poem D. Hristov 4.20
Otche nash D. Hristov 3.15

Mixed choir “Rodina” was established in April 1946. During its 63 years of existence it has gained experience but has kept the freshness and sincerity of the amateur art. It’s repertoire includes the works of authors of different styles and epochs from the Renaissance and Baroque through Classics and Romanticism to the first and second half of the 20th century. Bulgarian chorus music has an important place in their repertoire.

Since 1982 the conductor of the choir is Mr. Emil Minev who graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory.

Choir “Rodina” is a laureate of all national festivals of amateur performances. The choir was also a prize winner at the international festivals in Debrecen – Hungary (1971), Medzizdroe – Poland (1985), Varna Summer – Bulgaria (1993) and “The Golden Diana” – Bulgaria, (1995). It is a prize winner of International chorus competitions – Llangollen - Great Britain (1975), Medzizdroe – Poland (1985), Middlesbrough - Great Britain (1990), Varna – Bulgaria (1993) and Limburg – Germany (1993).

International concert tours the choir made in Russia (1968), Poland (1970, 1985), Czech (1971, 1988), Hungary (1972), Germany (1973, 1993) Great Britain (1975, 1990), Romania (1982), Greece (1999), Turkey (2003) and France (2007).

The choir participated in projects for performances of cantata, oratorio works, Requiem of Mozart, Mess of Schubert and Requiem of Faure.

Radio records were made in Radio Stara Zagora, Bulgarian National Radio, Radio Budapest, Radio Warsaw, Radio Koln, Radio London and BBC.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

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