Mixed Choir of Academic Cultural
Center of Unversity in Sarajevo “Seljo”

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tijana Vignjevic - conductor

Competition Concert

Title Composer Duration
Falio se žuti limun C. Rihtman 0.40
Amor, che mecco in quest ombre ti stavi G. P. da Palestrina 1.20
Bračna harmonija J. Haydn 1.35
Magdo, Magdo M Tajčević 1.45
Posejala baba proso D. Shuplevski 1.15
Tebe pojem D. Bortnianski 1.50
Protuletje lepo V. Žganec 4.45

Mixed Choir of AKCUS (Academic Cultural Center of University in Sarajevo) “Seljo” was renewed and started its work again in 2007, after being abruptly stopped during the aggression to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992-1995. The choir is nourishing the traditional music of Bosnia and Herzegovina, songs by authors from the region, as well as the classical choir repertoire. Being still in development, the choir is always open for new members.

The choir participated in couple of local festivals (The Nights of Baščaršija, Choir Festival of Sarajevo Cultural-Artistic Associations), in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region (Serbia).

The choir is making conections with many choirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but with foreign choirs as well (La Viva from France, Jamsankosken Laulumiehet from Finland...)

Conductor of the mixed choir Seljo is Tijana Vignjević. She completed her conducting studies at the Music Academy in Sarajevo, in 2001, class of professor Teodor Romanić. She upgraded her knowledge at masterclasses with Ernst Schelle, Tamara Brooks, Colin Metters, Gianluigi Gelmetti...

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, city where east and west meet, is special for its mixture of cultures, religions and peoples. Host of Winter olympic games in '84., after aggression, is now regaining its strength.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

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