Female Choir “Trimontium”

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Geno Zhelyazkov - conductor
Vanya Atanasova - piano accompaniment
Vesela Kisimova - solo vocal

Folk Concert

Title Composer Duration
Dragana and the nightingale F. Kutev 2.30
Dilmano, dilbero K. Kyurkchiiski 2.00
Laying Todora F. Kutev 3.00
Bre, Petrunko K. Kyurkchiiski 2.00

The female choir “Trimontium” was established in 1970 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The choir has had great success in the long-lasting time of its existence. It has a great number of charters, diplomas and awards for its high achievements. It is a member of “Panorama of Bulgarian Chorus Art”. The “Trimontium” choir was the winner of the third prize and the bronze medal of the International Chorus Competition in Varna. It also won gold medals in both VI and VII National Festival of Chorus Performance.

The “Trimontium” choir has an abundant and varied repertoire. An important part of it is occupied by the works based on Bulgarian folklore created by the most famous Bulgarian composers and the works of orthodox and Western European composers. The “Trimontium” choir has taken part in many international choir festivals and in has gained fame for the Bulgarian singing art. It’s foreign destinations include Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Hungary, and Austria.

Geno Zhelyazkov has been the choir’s conductor since 1991. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Sofia. Choirmaster and accompanist of the “Trimontium” choir is Vania Atanasova. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Plovdiv.

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