Skopje, Macedonia

Behar Veseli conductor

Viktor Nikolovski bass guitar

Simona Bogoevska harp

Dorian Jovanovic oud

Krenar Ismaili violin


Title Composer
Jasmin flower / Sakura Damjan Temkov (b. 1981)
Hava nagila / Wein aa Ramallah / Eretz zavat chalav Damjan Temkov (b. 1981)
A kan ujë ato burime / Ne si go prodavaj Koljo Damjan Temkov (b. 1981)


"Symbiosis" is a mixed choir, accompanied by an instrumental ensemble (not more than 4 musicians) whose number of instrumentalists vary (from 1 to 4) depending on the needs of the compositions being performed.

It is multiethnic, multicultural and educational project from Macedonia which includes collaboration between the teachers Damjan Temkov and Behar Vesel and their students from macedonian and albanian classes in DMBUC - "Ilija Nikolovski - Luj".

The choir repertoire is related with the idea of the whole project. Therefore, the compositions represent a blend of folklore songs with which it comes to a fusion of contrasts, flowing diversity in an organized and functional musical whole.