Children's Church Choir Branko

Leskovac, Serbia

Sinisa Stamenkovic conductor

Aleksandar Jankovic piano accompaniment

Milica Kocic solo vocal


The Choir Branko was reestablished in 2012 as a successor of the choir formed 137 years ago. As a church children choir it is the only of this kind in Leskovac and it plays a significant role in preserving and promoting sacred music across the region. Along with church music the choir nurtures the traditional folk music. The choir actively participates in the church life of Leskovac by singing in almost all liturgies and also takes part in different festivals and celebrations. They won third place in the category of traditional music at the prestigious festival "Fedeho" in Belgrade. In 2019, the choir participated at the festival in Valjevo "Horfest" and won three awards: First prize in the category of spiritual music; First prize in the category of ethno duets; Third prize in the category of vocal groups.

Sinisa Stamenkovic was born in 1982 in Leskovac where he completed primary and secondary music education. Along with the classical music education, he was studying traditional styles of music. He has won many prestigious music awards. In 2006, he graduated music theory at the Academy of Music. Since then, he has been engaged in education and music pedagogy. In 2007 he founded the "Music workshop" at the Cultural centre in Grdelica. His interests spread in genres such as jazz, fusion, pop-rock music. He is also an active member at the International drum festival "Drum dum" in Leskovac since its founding. He is the founder and conductor of the children’s church choir Branko.

The city of Leskovac abounds in a great variety of geographic features and tourist facilities which will attract prospective visitors. Leskovac is an important transit centre located in a vast and fertile valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. There are many cultural events such as: Strings Festival, International Carnival, International film festival (LIFFE), Leskovac days of music (LEDAMUS), International guitar festival and many more.


Title Composer Lyrics
Dostjno jest (It is truly meet) Georgije Prvopojac
Heruvimska pesma (Cherubits hymn) Starosimonovska
The lion sleeps tonight George David Weiss (1921-2010)
Kolovodja (Lead dancer "Kolo") A. Maksimovic (1844-1873) Serbian folk song
Bor sadila moma
(The damsel was planting a pine tree)
arr. Ilija Rajkovic Makedonian folk song