Farkas Ferenc Ensemble

Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Baráth Yvette Ágnes conductor

Paulik Flóra Mónika, Molnár Péter solo vocals

Vanyó Karsa trumpet


The Farkas Ferenc Ensamble was founded in 1991 and has been working continuously ever since. They have broad repertoire from the Renaissance to contemporary pieces, including ecclesiastical, secular and popular pieces with emphasis on contemporary composers especially the works by the composer Ferenc Farkas who was born in Nagykanizsa. During the last three years, with the support of the National Cultural Fund, they preformed independent acapella concerts abroad: Romania (Cluj-Napoca), Italy (Bologna), Slovakia and Poland (Krakow). The members of the choir are music amateurs with different professional occupations: engineer, teacher, music teacher, public prosecutor, veterinarian, logistics specialist, psychologist, kindergarten teacher. The most significant results of Farkas Ferenc Ensemble are: 5th World Choir Games in Graz 2008. - Mixed Chamber Choirs Golden Diploma Level II in the qualification; Mixed Chamber Choirs Silver Medal in the final; Concert Choir qualification (KÓTA) 2015.

The conductor of the choir is Yvette Ágnes Baráth, since its founding. She is a singing teacher in Ferenc Farkas Music School, a conductor and a mezzosoprano solo singer.

Nagykanizsa is a medium-sized county town in Zala county. As the centre of the Nagykanizsa district, numerous settlements belong to its agglomeration. The composers Ferenc Farkas and Sigmund Romberg were born there and the town has significant musical-cultural traditions. Its music school was founded in 1926 as the first in the region, and its amateur symphonic orchestra was founded in 1921. Numerous choirs operate in the town.


Title Composer Lyrics
Siyaniem Op. 74. Tomislav Zografski (1934-2000) Unknown author
L’amour de moy (Premiére Symphonie Vocale III.) (My Love) Marc de Ranse (1881-1951) Unknown author
Rózsa Madrigál (Rose - Madrigal) Farkas Ferenc (1905-2000) Weöres Sándor (1913-1989)
Dormi Jesu (Sleep Jesus) Tóth Péter (b. 1965) Unknown author
Hajdútánc (Hajdu dance) Farkas Ferenc (1905-2000) Unknown author
O salutaris (O saving Victim) Horváth Márton Levente (b. 1983)
Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt
(Spring wind floods water)
Baráth Zoltán (b. 1955) Hungarian folk song
Assisi Szent Ferenc imája
(Pray of St Francis of Assisi)
Tóth Árpád (b. 1982)