Cuprija, Serbia

Suzana Milenkovic conductor


Ćuprija is a town in central Serbia. It lies on the Great Morava river and it is surrounded by medieval monuments like Ravanica monastery or Resava cave. One of the landmarks is the School for musically gifted children, one of that kind in the former Yugoslavia. In 1950s, mixed city choir was founded in Ćuprija.

The choir worked successfully and stood shoulder to shoulder with the leading choirs of former Yugoslavia. Turbulent movements during the end of the 20th century made the choral singing slowly lose its power in the entire region. In order to save the tradition the enthusiastic members decided to continue the work as a church choir. In 2017 numerous events initiated the idea to establish a cultural association which aimed to preserve choral and ethno-singing. So the choir Margi was born. They have prepared concerts and have performed on humanitarian and fundraising events. One of their biggest successes was the performance at Kolarac National University Hall.

Suzana Milenkovic was born in 1967 in Cuprija, where she finished the Elementary music school "Dusan Skovran". She was awarded as a best student in the High School of Music "Miloje Milojevic" in Kragujevac, and in 1991 she graduated from the Faculty of Music Art in Skopje. During the studies she was attending choir conducting lessons with the eminent Professor Dragan Suplevski. After she returned to Ćuprija, the love and the passion toward conducting came to life with her work at the elementary music school "Dusan Skovran" where she is a leader of a children’s choir. Since 2017 she is the conductor of Margi choir.


Title Composer Lyrics
Tiho noći moje zlato spava
(In quiet night my honey sleeps)
Bogoljub Dimić Jovan Jovanović Zmaj (1833-1904)
Oj Moravo Mirjana Savić (b. 1942) Serbian folk song
Bojarka Vlastimir Pavlović Carevac
Jovano, Jovanke Dragana Milanović (b. 1969) Macedonian folk song