Saint Naum Chamber Choir

Miskolc, Hungary

Váraljai Réka conductor


The choir members are admirers of Byzantine church music from Miskolc. In the town of Miskolc, in the northern part of Hungary, the people of almost all of the Byzantine cultures were present in different numbers.

Saint Naum was the patron saint of the first Orthodox chapel in Miskolc and that is why the choir was named after him. The chapel and the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church was built by Aromanian traders. Serbian, Bulgarian, Rusin, Ukrainian, Russian and Hungarian believers also were members of the church. This multicultural Eastern Christian tradition is in the foundations of this choir. The aim of the choir is to introduce the medieval Eastern Christian church music, its authentic transcription into Hungarian and its presentation at concerts. The Aromanian founders of the Orthodox Parish of Miskolc originated from the area of Lake Ohrid, including Ohrid and Moscopole (Voskopojë). That is why it is particularly important and honorable to have them at the Ohrid Choir Festival.

Among the members there are professional musicians, music teachers, cantors, and those who sing only for fun. The conductor, Réka Váraljai is a singing teacher in the Catholic High School of György Fráter in Miskolc.


Title Composer
Tropar Sv Kliment Ohridski Dimche Nikoleski
Holly God Byzantine Chant
Hymn Of Cassia Old Bulgarian Chant
Stichera - Part of Holy and Great Friday Vespers Carpatho-Russian Chant
Behold, the Bridegroom is coming - troparion of the Holy Week Carpatho-Russian Chant
Hymn of the Cherubim Old Bulgarian Chant
Peaceful Light Carpatho-Russian Chant
Lord Have Mercy Byzantine Chant
Polyeleos Slavonic-Byzantine Chant
Resurrection Troparion Tone 5 Carpatho-Russian Chant
Kaval Sviri Bulgarian folk song
Hungarian folk songs