Children's Choir “Cantabile”

Hranice and Přerov, Czech Republic

Michal Sabadas - conductor
Marketa Laskova - conductor
Gabriela Zdarsova - piano accompaniment

Competition Concert

Title Composer Duration
The Ring A. Dvorak 2.20
Adiemus K. Jenkins 2.50
Frottola B. Tromboncino 0.55
Only Itself S. Hymnbook 1.10
A Peasant Goes Z. Lukáš 1.20
Siromav D. Shuplevski 1.40
Maryska Walked M. Uherek 2.05
Siyahamba S. African folksong 1.55

Folk Concert

Title Composer Duration
Dance, Dance, Twist J. Pavel 2.10
My Darling M. Raichl 1.30
Maryska Walked M. Uherek 2.05
A Peasant Goes Z. Lukáš 1.20

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Duration
The Latin Mass J. Pavel 7.00

Children’s choir Cantabile Hranice and Přerov operate under art schools in Prerov and Hranice and is a choir with a regional scope.

During its existence, the choir participated in a series of concert tours - Spain (2002), Belgium and United Kingdom (2004), Lithuania and Latvia (2003), Poland (2007) and Italy (2008), then the International Festival of Songs Festival in Olomouc 2008 (silver medal), 2009 (gold medal), concert festivals Musica Angelica in Stará Boleslav and other significant events.

The major concerts of Advent Concert are a concert held the Church of St. Nicholas in Prague for Czech Television (2002), concert with the Italian conductor Damian Binetti accompanied by string orchestra ZUŠ Hranice Beheading in the church of St. John the Baptist in the Hranice (2004) and concerts with soprano Pavlína Senic in Prerov and Hranice (2005, 2006) and series of Christmas concerts (2008), accompanied by string orchestra and brass quintet Musica Olomoucensis.

The repertoire children's choir Cantabile is vast. It includes both presentati on of folk songs, spiritual songs and the works of world masters and contemporary authors. Also significant are songs from the instrumentation of Jan Pavel, which for many years worked in Olomouc Theatre as accompanist, conductor and choirmaster, and composer of our choir.

Cantabile children's choir leads choirmaster and music teachers Mrs. Marketa Lásková and Mr. Michal Sabadáš. Choir accompanist is Marketa Lásková and Gabriela Zdarsová.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

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