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Zapro Zaprov Prize

Award for the best performance of choral composition by Zapro Zaprov.

The prize is: original painting by Zapro Zaprov with dimensions from 30x40 up to 50x60 cm in various techniques.

The decision who will be awarded will be brought by Zapro Zaprov personally. In case of Zapro Zarov absence the award will be nominated by the jury.

Zapro Zaprov will personally present the award at the official; Festival awarding ceremony. In case of his absence the award will be presented by a member of his family or by the jury.

Mr Zapro Zaprov is prominent Macedonian choral conductor, choral composer and painter.

Many Zaprov's compositions can be downloaded from the "Macedonian Choral Works". The password is provided on request.

Zapro Zaprov

Zapro Zaprov
Zaprov Painting

Zaprov's Prize
at Ohrid Choir Festival 2013

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