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Ohrid Choir Festival 2023


After listening to the final concert of the Festival, the jury decided to award
Youth Choir Cantemus from Chişinău, Moldova,
with GRAND-PRIX of the Ohrid Choir Festival

Choir Country Score Prize
Canto Náchod Czech Republic 95.66 I
Youth Choir Cantemus Moldova 95.00 I
Academic Choir of Gdańsk University of Technology Poland 94.66 I
Medici Cantantes The Choir of Wrocław Medical University Poland 93.66 I
The Novi Sad Chamber Choir Serbia 93.66 I
Choir of the Collegium Medicum UMK Poland 92.00 I
Chamber Choir Cantabile Czech Republic 91.00 I
Children’s Choir Trallala Czech Republic 90.66 I
Mixed Choir ARTEP Czech Republic 90.00 I
Children's Choir Cantabile Czech Republic 88.66 II
Cappella Quinqueecclesiensis Hungary 86.66 II
Con Passione Poland 84.33 II
Boy's Chamber Choir "Chcemy śpiewać" Poland 80.00 II
Stiv Naumov Mixed Choir Macedonia 75.00 III
"Sabor" Choir Serbia 70.00 III
G.L.A.S. (Gromoglasni Lokalni Amaterski Sastav) Serbia participation award

Ohrid Choir Festival 2023 Ohrid Choir Festival 2023 Ohrid Choir Festival 2023

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