Choir - U

Kalundborg, Denmark

Merete Gry Rode Jacobsen - conductor
Morten Schants - piano accompaniment

Pop Concert

Title Composer Arrangement Lyrics
Runaway The Corrs M. Rigtrup The Corrs
It’s not what you’re saying J. Glæsel J. Johansen A. Linnet
The promise R. Laubek; A.P.Jensen H. Agergaard;
Give in T. Dickow; F.A.White R. Larsen T. Dickow
Don’t let go E. Vogue M.G.R.Jacobsen E. Vogue
Feel like making love E. McDaniels M.G.R.Jacobsen E. McDaniels
I can’t make you love me M. Reid; A. Shamblin M.G.R.Jacobsen M. Reid;
A. Shamblin

The choir contains 22 wonderful young female voices and it is one of the best Danish rhythmic girl choirs. The choir became a rhythmic choir in October 2008 when they received a new conductor. The conductor was educated at the Royal Academy of Music (Rhythmic Music Conservatory) and has been singing with the prize winning rhythmic choir in Denmark. The choir sings ballads, pop, jazz, R&B and Danish songs. They sing at 10 – 20 concerts a year in different countries. Before changing into a rhythmic choir, they sang classic music and won the 2007 Latvian prize for “Special artistic performance” at the Silverbells competition and a prize for being among the top 3 youth choirs.

Kalundborg is an old medieval city with a 5 steeple church and a population of 20.000. The city is located by the water, only 100 km from the capital of Copenhagen. There is a lot of industry and high schools in the city. The music school is popular and the choir is well known and loved by the inhabitants.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

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