Dobrudzha Sounds

Dobrich, Bulgaria

Elvira Pastarmadzhieva - conductor
Radostina Grozdeva - piano accompaniment

Competition Concert

Title Composer Duration
Stabat mater D. Rossini 4.00
Pokajanie A. Vedel 3.30
Sovet prevechni Chesnokov 2.30
Shto mi e milo P. Staynov 2.00
Tsafnalo e kokiche T. Dimitrov 3.30
Mile Pop Jordanov D. Shuplevski 2.00

Folk Concert

Title Composer Duration
Bilyana D. Hristov 2.00
Kakva moma videh mamo E. Manolov 2.00
Rachenitsa D. Hristov 2.00
Shto mi e milo P. Staynov 2.00
Mile Pop Jordanov D. Shuplevski 2.30
Tsafnalo e kokiche G. Dimitrov 4.00

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Duration
Pokaianie A. Vedel 4.00
Vo tsarstvii tvoem D. Hristov 2.00
Nest svyat St. Mokryanets 3.00
Sovet prevechni Chesnokov 3.00
Tebe poem D. Bortnyanski 2.00
Ektenia D. Hristov 2.00

Dobrudzhanski zvutsi Choir is one of the oldest and well-known choirs in Bulgaria. It has been performing ever since it was established in 1900.The names of some of the most famous Bulgarian directors are connected with its performance. The honorable director –Zahari Mednikarov, was at the front of the choir and give directions to a united group from 1952. The repertoire of the choir includes plenty of compositions written by famous Bulgarian and foreign composers.A great part of the repertoire consists of Orthodox Church music. The choir has participated in lots of festivals held in Russia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, England, Greece, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Czechoslovakia. It won prizes at International fests in Arezzo – Italy , Langolen – England and Varna – Bulgaria.

From 2004 Conductor of the Choir Dobrudzhanski zvutsi is Elvira Pastarmadzhieva.

She graduated at Music academy Sofia in class of prof. Lilia Guleva – subject conductor.

From 1987 to 1992 she is conductor Children’s choir and choir Dobrudzhanski zvutsi – Dobrich.

In 1995 she taken the opportunity to make and manage chamber choir Dobrich and girls in the schools choir St.Kliment Ohridski - Dobrich. Member of the World Federation of Arts choir.

Dobrich is economic and cultural center of Dobrudzha, 8th most populous in the country. It is a regional center of Region and the center and the only place in the Municipality of Dobrich. It is located 51km north of Varna and 480 from Sofia.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009Ohrid Choir Festival 2009

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