Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011

Male Miners' Choir

Lubin, Poland

Zdzisław Francuz - conductor
Piotr Strzelecki - president

Competition Section

Title Composer
Ave Maria Delfino Thermignon
Dostojno jest’ Dymitr Bortniański
Górnicza Litania Józef Świder
Śpij, kochanie Henryk Wars
Sa nok sedam Treno Dragan Shuplevski
Jakech ja pasł konie (folk.) Stanisław Wiechowicz
Dana-dana (hung. folk.) Bardos Lajos

Sacred Section

Title Composer
Ojcze nasz Stanisław Moniuszko
Ave Maria Franz Witt
Kyrie Hugo Hammarstrom
Panie przyjdź Scottish (popular)
Msza Polska (+ organ) Wacław Lachman

Male Miners’ Choir, whose patron is KGHM „Polish Copper” SA O/ZG Lubin, was established in the year 1980. The members of the Choir consist mainly of employees in the copper industry as well as retired miners and students. The core activity of the Choir is popularizing music culture in the miner’s environment by mainly singing Polish songs (folk, religious, patriotic, miner’s, etc.). The ensemble also has other European songs in its repertoire. The Choir now has around 50 singers, all volunteers.

The ensemble is continuously enriching its repertoire, which consists of hundreds of songs. As often as it is possible it takes part in choir competitions and tournaments in Poland and abroad. Since its beginnings the Choir has given about 1000 concerts in Poland and abroad. Hundreds of hours spent on rehearsals has contributed to many successes, distinctions and awards.

Since its beginning, the conductor of the Choir has been Mr. Zdzislaw Francuz: music teacher, and graduate of Musical Academy in Wroclaw. He had also worked for 11 years as a music methodologist for state education department in Legnica. Mr. Francuz was awarded a special prize for conductors at “Legnica Cantat” 2004 Polish choir competition and in 2010 – Gloria Artis medal.

Lubin is a town situated in Lower Silesia in the south-west part of Poland. It’s a capital of Polish Copper Region – one of biggest copper and silver producers in the world.

Zdzisław FrancuzMale Miners' ChoirMale Miners' ChoirMale Miners' ChoirMale Miners' ChoirMale Miners' Choir

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