Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011

Men’s Choir “Oktetek”

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bojan Zelič - conductor

Folk Section

Title Composer
Srečno, ljubca moja / Good luck, my dear arr. Oskar Dev
Ti poubč ja kna lumpej / Potpourri of Song from koroška arr. Pavle Kernjak

Sacred Section

Title Composer
Oče naš / Our father Nikolai Kedrov
Ave Maria Franz Biebl

This choir has existed less than two years, so we have yet to achieve and awards. However, we perform 15 to 20 times per year. We sing in the well known traditional form known as octet Deseti brat, which has been around for the last 31 years. We are all amateurs and we don’t participate competitions. If we succeed at octet Desti brat, than we will have many accomplishments to write about in the future.

The conductor is a singer of octet Deseti brat and brings his expertise of octet to Oktetek.

Men’s Choir “Oktetek”Men’s Choir “Oktetek”
Men’s Choir “Oktetek”Men’s Choir “Oktetek”Men’s Choir “Oktetek”

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