Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011

Mixed choir “Skulte”

Skulte civil parish, Latvia

Kaspars Vēvers - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Kur tu teci / Where do you go Aldonis Kalnins Latvian folk song
Gula meitīna / Girl is asleep Choir “Balsis” arrangement Latvian folk song
Rum dum dum Dragan Shuplevski Macedonian folk song
Āži bĮāva aplokā'i / Bucks yelled in a lair Dzintra Kurme-Gedorica Latvian folk song
L'Innamorato / Charming Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
Locus iste / This place Anton Bruckner The gradual

The mixed choir “Skulte” is the second oldest choir in Latvia. The choir was founded in 1868 and it has longstanding singing traditions, which reflect the variety of the singers' generations. The choir has patricipated in all the All-Latvian Song and Dance Festivals, held dince 1873, and different festivals in Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia and Lithuania. In the rewiev in 2010, choir “Skulte” got the title for the best mixed choir in its category among choirs from Limbažu district. Choir “Skulte” regularly takes part in concerts, performing sacred and secular music. Since 2006, choir “Skulte” has been lead by a young conductor, Kaspars Vevers, who is not afraid to experiment with his mucical repertoire.

Kaspars VeversMixed choir “Skulte”Mixed choir “Skulte”Mixed choir “Skulte”Mixed choir “Skulte”Mixed choir “Skulte”

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