Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011

“Sa Pintadera” - Academy of folk and choral singing

Oristano, Sardinia, Italy

Costantino Mirai - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
A Nanni Sulis P. Mereu Costantino Mirai
Ninna Nanna Raimondo Murru Costantino Mirai
Sonos’e memoria Maria Carta Costantino Mirai
Deus ti Salvet Maria Traditional Costantino Mirai
Rum dum dum Dragan Suplevski Traditional Macedonian

Folk Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Sa bellesa de Clori Paolo Mossa Costantino Mirai
Badde Lontana Popular Costantino Mirai
Sognos in coro Nicola Loi Costantino Mirai
Muttos de Amore Maria Carta Costantino Mirai
Anghelos Cantade Popular Costantino Mirai
Sa mesa ‘e su Segnore Popular Costantino Mirai

Sa Pintadera, a four-part female choir, conducted by Costantino Mirai, was established in 2008. Composed by 40 women, the choir’s repertoire is based on popular songs, both traditional and unpublished, sacred and profane, with particular emphasis on ancestral Sardinian music. Presently the choir presents ecclesiastic music and inedited songs. In Barcelona, from September 22 to 25, 2010, Sa Pintadera participated in the International Festival Europe and its Songs. The International Jury of the festival awarded a special mention for their performance and the performance of the song "Lullaby", taken from a poem by Raymond Murru.

Costantino Mirai graduated in opera singing at the ”G.P. Da Palestrina Music Conservatoire” of Cagliari. He further specialized in choral conducting and composition, chamber singing, Gregorian chant and church music, in Sardinia, Bologna and Rimini with world famous music teachers, such as Gary Graden (Stockholm National choir conductor), Andrea O. Veneration, Guido Milanese, Valentino Donella and others. In 1999 he conducted Stockholm’s “Saint Jacob's chamber” choir; in 2007, “Studium canticum” choir of Cagliari; and, in 2008 the “Euridice” Bologna choir. Between 1996 and 1999 he established four Sardinian choral associations promoting 153 concerts all over Italy and abroad.

Oristano is an ancient town of 30,000 inhabitants and the provincial capital since 1974. It’s located centrally on the Sardinian west coast near the Tirso outlet, surrounded by numerous lagoons. It dates back to the year 1070, when the nearby Tharros, an ancient punic-romanic settlement was devastated by Saracen pirates forcing the population to flee inland.

Costantino Mirai“Sa Pintadera” - Academy of folk and choral singing“Sa Pintadera” - Academy of folk and choral singing“Sa Pintadera” - Academy of folk and choral singing“Sa Pintadera” - Academy of folk and choral singing“Sa Pintadera” - Academy of folk and choral singing

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