Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tatiana Kuzovkina - conductor, alto/soprano
Peppina mac Ruairí - soprano/alto
Frouke Flieringa - mezzo soprano
Saskia Jelsma - alto

Folk Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Leme Bede arr. T. Kuzovkina Traditional Egyptian song
Kanak Szomasz / When I went to the fair Ando Drom; arr. T. Kuzovkina Ando Drom
Kothbiro / Rain is coming Ayub Ogada; arr. T. Kuzovkina Ayub Ogada
Rechenjka / Little river arr. T. Kuzovkina Traditional Russian song
Ja ou batjushki zjila… / When I lived with my father… arr. T. Kuzovkina Traditional Russian song
Adieu Paure Carnavas / Farewell poor carnival arr. T. Kuzovkina Traditional song from Provence, France

Sacred Section

Title Composer Lyrics
O, Virgo Splendens / Oh, Splendid Virgin Medieval Latin pilgrim’s song From the "Red Book of Montserrat"
Schedrik / Plentiful Mykola Leontovych; arr. T. Kuzovkina Ukrainian Christmas song
Byla cesta / There was a road arr. T. Kuzovkina Traditional Christmas song from Moravia
Canto de Nadal / Song of Birth arr. T. Kuzovkina Traditional Christmas song from Spain
Diu vi salvi Regina / God save our Queen (Virgin Mary) arr. T. Kuzovkina Religious song from Corsica, Italy

In Amsterdam, September 1996, a new a capella quartet was born. Four professional actresses (three Dutch and one Russian) and passionate lovers of world music united their voices in search of a new sound for old songs. Two Pisceans and two Aquarians, they decided to call themselves ‘Rusalki’ – Mermaids, Sirens of the Sea.

Rusalki’s repertoire consists of the songs they have gathered on their travels. In their collection contains around 70 songs in more than 25 languages. Most of the plural harmonies are sung without accompaniment, and some are with guitar or accordion. The quartet - in sumptuous costumes - adds a touch of theatre to its performance to enhance the music.

With her refreshing and surprising arrangements, Tatiana Kuzovkina, (educated in St. Petersburg) breathes new life into traditional melodies. Her songs can be quite complicated, frequently combining jazz harmonies and rhythmical accents with the clarity and simplicity of the original tune. This creates the unexpected effect of songs that exists for centuries while sounding fresh and captivating today.

Over the last 15 years, Rusalki has recorded three CDs, performed all around Holland, and took part in international festivals “Slavyanski Bazaar”, ‘Singing World’, ‘Interfolk’ and others.

Rusalki belongs to “Musicians without borders,” an organisation that unites artists who want—through the means of music—to promote peace and human rights in the world.


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