Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011

Chamber Choir “Vozrozhdenie”

Yaroslavl, Russia

Natalia Borisova - conductor
Irina Bibik & Svetlana Sorokina- soloists

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Come Indulge Joseph Pavel Chesnokov Fragment of the Liturgy
Serenade Anton Arenskiy Afanasiy Fet
The Fuller Orlando Lasso  
Who Is In The Upper Room? Lev Sivukhin Russian folk song
Playing Softly on a Pipe of Love [solo: Irina Bibik] Sergey Banevich Tatiana Kalinina
Gora i junak Stevan Gajdov  
Walk Around The City Valeriy Chelnokov Olga Stoliyarova

Sacred Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Silent Prayer Mikhail Shukh Wordless
Board Eternal Pavel Chesnokov Canonical text, Bible
Your Strength, Lord Dmitry Bortnyanskiy Canonical text, Bible

“Vozrozhdenie” (“Renaissance”) chamber choir was formed by students of different colleges and universities. As time passed, the quantity of members increased, as did their professional qualities. The choir has a wide and diverse repertoire including Russian sacred music, Russian and foreign classics, romances, Russian folk songs, and music by modern composers. The choir has given numerous concerts in Russia (in such cities as Moscow, Ivanovo, Kostroma, and Vladimir) as well as abroad (in the USA, Germany, Finland, Greece, and France). “Vozrozhdenie” choir takes part in all the musical events—like festivals and feasts—in their native city Yaroslavl.

Natalia Borissova is the founder and the leader of the choir. She graduated from the Yaroslavl Musical College, the Faculty of Choir Conducting and the St.Petersburg Trade Union Culture High School. For her achievements she is awarded with the following awards

  • 1995 and 2003 — Laureate of Regional Stompelev Prize for the concert activities of “Vozrozhdenie” chamber choir.
  • 2000 — the honorary title “Honoured Art Worker” (decree, signed by president V.V.Putin).
  • 2003 — honorary diploma for “Development of Art and Culture”.

The choir is organizer of the festival “Yaroslavl choirs' meeting".

Natalia BorisovaChamber Choir “Vozrozhdenie”Chamber Choir “Vozrozhdenie”Chamber Choir “Vozrozhdenie”Chamber Choir “Vozrozhdenie”Chamber Choir “Vozrozhdenie”

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