Ohrid Choir Festival: Archive 2011

Adult mixed choir “Pernigele”

Liepupe municipality, Salacgriva division, Latvia

Arta Zunde - conductor
Līga Priede - solo vocal
Solveiga Boka - piano accompaniment

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Acis veras aizveras / Eyes open, close Liga Priede Rainis
Goce Todor Skalovki  
Rorando Coeli Jan Campanus Vodnianus  
Gaismena ausa / The light dawned Ilona Rupaine Latvian folk song
No talienes / From afar Selga Mence Latvian folk song

The choir “Pernigele” is one of the oldest choirs in Latvia. Founded in 1904, the choir takes part in local cultural life, singing in different local events and church functions throughout Latvia. Since 1926 the choir has taken part in the Latvian Nationwide Song and Dance Celebration. The choir had taken part in festivals abroad, in Spain, Italy, and Norway.

The choir represents the municipality of Liepupe, which is located by the coast of Riga gulf. It is a small municipality of 2250 people but with extensive cultural life and wide hearts.

The conductor of the choir for last 12 years has been Arta Zunde. She has worked as singing teacher and restored the choir in 1999. Since her participation, the choir has grown and won awards in the local and International competitions. In 2005 Spain (Cantonigros festival), the choir took 5th place, in 2006 Norway (Skien), the choir took 1st

There are many families that sing in the choir, and the main thing that brings the singers together is the love of music and singing. As one wise man said- music is a way that people can speak without words. This is choir’s greatest treasure.

Arta ZundeAdult mixed choir “Pernigele”Adult mixed choir “Pernigele”Adult mixed choir “Pernigele”Adult mixed choir “Pernigele”Adult mixed choir “Pernigele”

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