Church Choir Branko

Leskovac, Serbia

Miroljub Cvetković conductor

Andjela Jovanović solo

Slaviša Stanojević president of the choir


Title Composer
Struga Milenko Živković
Bogorodice djevo Danijela Nikolić
Glasom mojim ko Gospodu vozvah A. A. Arhangelskij
Hvalite D. Bortnjanski (1751-1825)
Oče naš N. N. Kedrov
Radujtesja pravedni Anonymous
Dostojno jest D. Bortnjanski (1751-1825)
Svjat S. S. Mokranjac (1856-1914)


Church choral group “Branko” got its name from the famous Serbian poet Branko Radicevic. It was established in 1886 as a men’s choir and is one of the oldest musical group in Leskovac. Many singers and conductors have sung in this choir since its founding including: Todor Stojmenovic, Slavisa Stanojevic, Valentina Petrovic, Srdjan Stojiljkovic, Vesna Zlatanovic. Today the choral group is directed by Mirolojub Cvetkovic, The majority of the members are the high school music students of "Stanisalv Binicki" school, students studying music at musical academies, theology teachers, music teachers, and others that share love for church choral singing. The choral group actively participates every Sunday in divine liturgies and big church holidays in the church of Leskovac, as well as the festivals in the region.

Miroljub Cvetkovic was born in Leskovac in 1982. He graduated from elementary and secondary music school “Stanislav Binicki” in Leskovac. Later he graduated from the Faculty of Music Art in Nis at the department of General Music Pedagogy. He started his pedagogical work in 2006 as a solfege and choir teacher in Smederevska Palanka. From 2007 to 2012 he worked with the children’s choir “Iskrice” (“Sparkles”), and from 2008 to 2011 he directed the vocal-instrumental group “Ruzmarin” (“Rosemary”). From 2010 he has been the artistic director and member of men vocal group “Libero”, and he recently began working as the conductor of the Leskovac church choral group “Branko”. At the moment, he works as a solfege and choir teacher at the Music School “Stanislav Binicki” in Leskovac.