Vocal Group Smirna

Skopje, Macedonia

Marija Andonova conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Благословен јеси Господе (God, You are blessed) Byzantine music Byzantine Old Church Slavonic
Psalm 135 Byzantine music Byzantine Macedonian


Vocal Group Smirna exist since 13 march 2015. Smirna has 10 women members, performing sacred music (Christian orthodox), in different events, corporate with some church associations, like DODOMA.

Smirna's choirmaster is Marija Andonova. She has graduated choir conducting in 2000, in the class of Prof. Doc. Dragan Shuplevski. In the area of choir music she is active since she was 13 years old, at first she was part of a choir conducted by Maestro Zapro Zaprov (13 years of experience), after that as a part of the choir of MRT (1996-1999) and then in MOB (1999-2001). Her experience as a choirmaster starts as an assistant choir conductor of the choirs oh Maestro Zaprov ( 2 years ), assisting in different events in MOB and as a choirmaster of HMD Kochi Racin - Skopje ( 2008-2015). Today she works with 3 ensembles: The Church Ensemble of Church St. Elias, Skopje, Vocal Ensemble MELIZMA and Vocal Group SMIRNA. Until now her 8th year experience has brought her multiple concerts with a modern and a spiritual programs in Macedonia and other countries ( Kragujevac, Vrshac, R.Serbia) participating in few multinational festivals in Macedonia and other countries like Ohrid Choir Festival, TEHO, "Etno Glas"- Panchevo. She has won 3rd place on international rank by Maestro Darinka Matic, in the 49th "Mokranjchevi Dani" in September 2014.