Požarevac, Serbia

Igor Sarajlić conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Slava tebje Gospodi Senad Gačević (b. 1962) Liturgical text
Mukline Svetislav Božić (b. 1954) Svetislav Božić (b. 1954)
Nesporazum, Bela vrana crna ovca, Bržimir i Bržimirka Radomir Petrović (1923-1991) Miroslav Antić (1932-1986), Ljubivoje Ršumović (b. 1939), Dobrica Erić (b. 1936)
Makedonska humoreska Todor Skalovski (1909-2004) Traditional Macedonian
White winter hymnal Robin Noel Pecknold (b. 1986), arr. Igor Sarajlić (b. 1988) Robin Noel Pecknold (b. 1986)
Royals Lorde (b. 1996), arr. Igor Sarajlić (b. 1988) Lorde (b. 1996)
Hoy Gian Marco Zignago (b. 1970), arr. Igor Sarajlić (b. 1988) Gian Marco Zignago (b. 1970)


In may 2006 the ensemble "Mosaic" begins its work, under the direction of professor, Ilija Rajković and Mladen Ničić. Since 2014 the ensemble is under the direction of professor Igor Sarajlić.

Professor Igor Sarajlić gained primary and secondary music education at the music school "Stevan Mokranjac" Požarevac, at vocal-instrumental section, piano, and on the section of music theory. He graduated and got a master's degree at the Faculty of music in Belgrade, department of conducting in the class of professor Biljana Radovanovic.

The ensemble has had a large number of performances both in Pozarevac and across Serbia, and were recognized outside its borders (Republika Srpska, Slovenia, Macedonia).

At the International Choir Festival in Ohrid, which was held in August 2008, the ensemble won first place in the category up to 25 years, thus achieving one of the greatest successes so far.

Performances of the ensemble have caused great interest of the audience. There were a large number of concerts, which often have a humanitarian character. There were numerous calls for participation at various events throughout Serbia, and one of the most important performances of the ensemble was the St. Sava academy held at the Sava center 2010.