Horoljupci of the Vocal Ensamble Bugojno

Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Samira Merdžanić conductor

Bruna Tomas piano accompaniment


Title Composer
Canten, Senores Cantores (Sing, Gentlemen Singers) Popular Argentinian
Što mi e milo Macedonian Folk Song
Siyahamba (We are marching) Traditional Zulu
Proba za koncert (Rehearsal for the Concert) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Žaba i komarci (Frogs and Mosquitos) Davorin Hauptfeld (1931-2004)


The children’s choir Horoljupci was founded in September of 2014th as the part of the already existing Vocal Ensemble Bugojno. The Choir was founded with the purpose of increasing the popularity of choir singing among children. At the First International Choir Championship “Lege Artis” in Tuzla (BiH), Horoljupci won the Grand Prix. At the moment, the choir consists of 30 members aged from 9 to 14.

Samira Merdžanić has been the conductor and artistic director of the Vocal Ensemble Bugojno since 1996., when the ensemble was originally founded. She completed her music education in the accordion department and graduated from the teacher training faculty for music education. Samira currently works as an accordion teacher in the Primary Music School in Bugojno. At the First International Choir Championship “Lege Artis” in Tuzla (BiH), Samira received the Certificate of Achievement for the best conducter at Choir Championship.

Bugojno is the town and municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated by the river Vrbas, surrounded by the Kalin and Rudina mountains. Its geographic location has a favorable climate with warm summers and cold winters and it is surrounded by plenty of drinking water from nearby springs. Bugojno is a modern and urban town, that became the center of several cultural and sporting events appreciated by local citizens as well as visitors.