Ivanovo, Russia

Natalya Bakina conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Pahal Zahar ogorod (Zakhar plowed the garden) arr. L. Sivukhin (1935-2001) Russian folk song
Miro so slezami nosyascha (Miro with tears wearing) Alexander Bordak (b. 1973)
O, to ne vecher (Ah, it is not yet evening) Russian folk song
Siromav Dragan Shuplevski (1933-2001) Traditional Macedonian
Voice Dance 3 Greg Jaspers
Urok po gadulka (Lesson on fiddle) Nikolay Stoykov (b. 1936) Vesa Paspaleeva (1900-1980)
Angel vopiyashe (The angel cried) Alexsander Bordak (b. 1973)
Ize heruvimi (Cherubic hymn) Atanas Badev (1860-1908)
Tebe poem (You sing) Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944)
Slava Otsu I Synu (Glory of the Father and the Son) Dmitry Bortnyanskiy (1751-1825)
Mishelle John Lennon (1940-1980), arr. Jehriander Paul McCartney (b. 1942)
Volare Domenico Mogundo, arr. Alessandro Cadario
Carol of the bells Nikolay Leontovich (1877-1921), arr. Pentatonix
Tantsuy, tantsuy (Dance, dance) Slovak folk song
La Gavina arr. F.Sires (1900-1972) Catalan folk song
Lakota Folk melody of the North American Indians
Blokha (Flea) Russian folk song


Choir “Vdokhnovenie” (“Inspiration”) from the children's music school №5 was founded 11 years ago, and many of its members have been singing together from 1st grade. Today the choir includes mostly young people from 14 to 25 years. Repertoire is large and varied, it includes various folk, spiritual, classical and modern music. Choir actively sings in the city and beyond, participating in various international competitions and festivals. Among the choir honors - 2 degree Diploma of International Choral Festival in Bulgaria in 2007, the Silver Diploma of contest "Cantemus" in Hungary in 2008, diploma of Festival in Germany in 2010, diploma of the winner of the festival "Sing you, Moscow" in 2011, Silver medal of choral competition in Florence in 2012, first prize, silver and bronze diploma of competition in Spain in 2013, Diploma of the festival "Musical Meeting in Mont Dore" in France in 2014, Two silver diplomas European choir games in Magdeburg in 2015.

Conductor of the choir Natalya Bakina is a graduate of musical faculty of the University of Kostroma, in the class of Professor Marina Zhulyabina.

Ivanovo is the regional center situated 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow. The city is quite young (year of occurrence 1871). The population is about 400,000 people. Ivanovo ranks among the "Golden Ring of Russia" cities.