Golden Years


Siniša Belošević conductor

Tomislav Fratrić conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Snešica (Young Made) Franjo Pl. Lučić (1889-1972), arr. Siniša Belošević (b. 1954) Dragutin Domjanić (1875-1933)
Kitica Zelena (Small Bunch of Flowers) arr. Branko Starc (b. 1954) Traditional Croatian
Čardaš (Czardas) Emil Cossetto (1918-2006) Traditional Croatian
Eleno Kerko (Daughter Elena) arr. Branko Starc (b. 1954) Traditional Macedonian


The Ensemble Golden Years is established in 2004. The repertoire are classical, traditional and popular songs from Croatia and other countries. They visited several times and has been singing in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Hungary. Last two awards were silver medals at the International Choir Competitions Adria Cantat in 2014. and 2016., golden medal at the International competition in Tuhelj, bronze medal and special medal from the Jury of The Ohridchoirfest 2014. (The most enthusiastic choir of the festival).

The conductor Siniša Belošević was born in Zagreb 1954. He is Ing of the Aeronautics and Air Traffic Control. Always has been fond of music, plays guitar and started with choir conducting in 2002. With the Ensemble Golden Years. Today he is conducting three more choirs (mixed, male and children). Music education has been the school for the Choir conductors by HUZ (Hrvatska udruga zborovođa), and many other seminars and workshops. But, the most he achieved through the self-education and experiences through the years.

The Conductor Tomislav Fratrić graduated on 2015. as Baritone at Zagreb Music Academy, class prof. Martina Gojčeta Silić. In 2010. he started with choir conducting with the Ensemble Golden Years as the second young conductor. He, also, conduct with the children choir in Velika Gorica. Among other different music engagements he still participate in conducting the amateur choir of Golden Years.

The Town of Velika Gorica is nice, peaceful place near the Capitol Zagreb. Has around 65.000 inhabitants. It is the major City of the Turopolje County. It is the Area without industry and other pollution drivers; very clean and nature oriented part of Croatia. Strong efforts has been always put on the “traditional” as the major term for music, dances, folklore, houses (wooden), cultural behavior of “old” kind, churches (wooden - several hundred years old), planting fruits, and vegetables and small private manufacturing including the vine production.