Choir of Culture Hall Pirot

Pirot, Serbia

Anita Nikolić conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
II Rukovet (II Garland) Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856-1914) Folk
Budi imja (Blessed be the Name of the Lord) Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856-1914) Liturgical
Molitvu proliju ko Gospodu A.V.Kastorskij (1869-1944) Sacred
Odozdola ide, male Dragan Šuplevski (1933-2001) Folk


The choir was founded in 2005. It consist of about 30 members, amateurs, all different age and occupation, sharing the love for music and singing. The repertoire includes different genders of music: well known Serbian and foreign composers, popular music, spiritual music, themes from movies, traditional music... The choirs has preformed in Serbia and abroad. They were part of two TV shows on the national TV broadcaster in 2012 they sang at the opening ceremony of the International choir festival in Niš.

The conductor of this choir is Anita Nikolić. After her graduation from the Academy of music art in Belgrade in 2005, she returned to her home town of Pirot and started working as music teacher in primary school and choral conductor.

Pirot a town in South-East Serbia, has a long tradition and rich history. The results of the archaeological excavations in Pirot indicate the existence of a settlement 5000 years ago. An ancient road, known as Via Militaris passed through this area. Pirot has a solid foundation for event tourism. The essence of Pirot’s tourist offer are the cultural events and other, related occasions. The town is recognized by brands such as “ćilim”, kačkavalj, pottery…