Children’s Choir "Rodna Pessen"

Pernik, Bulgaria

Dimitar Stoyanov Kostantzaliev conductor

Rumyana Simeonova Hristova accompanist


Title Composer Lyrics
Canzon Villanesca / Masherata (Song of dance Villanesca) Giovanni Domenico da Nola (1510-1592)
Ave verum corpus (Praise of Holy’s body) W.A. Mozart (1756–1791)
Ergen Deda (Single grandpa) Petar liondev (b. 1936) Folk song
Vecheryai Rado (Dine, Rada) Philip Koutev (1903–1982) Folk song
Dai Boje dajd (Pray for Rain) Diliana Micheva (b. 1954) Folk song
Vodno konche (Dragonfly) Dimitar Kostantzaliev (b. 1962) Dimitar Kostantzaliev (b. 1962)
Bre, Petrunko (You, Petrunka) Philip Koutev (1903–1982) Bulrarian Folk and traditional songs
Polegnala e Todora (Leaning Todora) Philip Koutev (1903–1982) Bulrarian Folk and traditional songs
Ela mome, ela dusho (Come here maid, come here soul) Dimitar Kostantzaliev (b. 1962) Bulrarian Folk and traditional songs
Shto mi domilelo, mamo (Why do I miss it, mummy?) Krasimir Miletkov Bulrarian Folk and traditional songs


Choir” Rodna pessen” was founded in 1963 in the town of Pernik, Bulgaria. The town is situated in the western part of Middle Bulgaria, 30 km from the capital: Sofia. Although it is known mostly as an industrial and mining centre its cultural development started even before the settlement achieved the status of a town. Nowadays the town is known for 1995 being a member of the FOUNDATION OF EUROPEAN CARNIVAL CITIES as well as for the Festival of Masquerade rites and games in January.

The Choir has taken part in numerous national events including Republic festivals of amateur art activities, Panorama of Bulgarian choirs, traditional May choir festivals and has made numerous recordings in Radio Sofia Broadcasting. The international career of Rodna pessen began in 1980 in Poland. Some of the most significant awards are: Third Prize of the International Choir Festival Competition in Prato, Italy (1983), Third Grand Prix and the prize for Best Performance in the choir competition in Nante, France (1983), First prize and Laureate at the 2nd International Choral Competition for sacred music in Balashiha, Moskow district (1998).

Rodna Pessen has had several conductors in the past, but Mr. Dimitar Konstantzaliev has been leading the choir since 2011. He completed his education at “Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary Music School in Rousse/piano/ and then graduated from State Art Academy in Plovdiv - Music Pedagogy Department. Mr.Konstantzaliev has specialized composition at “Pancho Vladigerov” State Music Academy in Sofia and he is a member of Bulgarian Composers Union. He is the founder of Children Vocal-theatre Formation “Talasamche” and has composed lots of pieces of chamber, choir, popular and children songs, including 13 musicals.

Choir “Rodna Pessen” is a cultural wealth which takes well-deserved place in Bulgarian Choral Art.