City Choir "Abrasevic"

Valjevo, Serbia

Dragan Vasiljević conductor

Marko Tomić solo tenor


Title Composer Lyrics
X rukovet (Tenth Garland) Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856-1914) Folk
Ljubavna pesma (Love Song) Dimitrije Golemović (b. 1954) Folk
Rum Dum Dum Dragan Shuplevski (1933–2001) Folk
Zagonetka (Riddle) Vojislav Ilić (1911–1999) Folk


City Choir "Abrasevic" as an integral part of Traditional Heritage Centre “Abrasevic”, Valjevo, which celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2015. The choir members are amateur singers of different ages and professions. The repertoire of the choir comprises the works of the authors representing variety of epochs and styles. Distinguished achievements:
- 1999, Debrecen, Hungary – European Grand Prix for Choral Singing; 3rd prize
- 2005, Celje, Slovenia – International Youth Choir Festival; 2nd prize
- 2017, Negotin, Serbia – The Days of Mokranjac; 2nd prize

Dragan Vasiljevic, professor and conductor, was born in Belgrade in 1943. He graduated from Music Academy in Belgrade. He has been engaged as a conductor since 1967, when he started work in Radio Pristina Orchestra. In 1971 he moves to Valjevo and continues his pedagogic and artistic career – he was a teacher and the headmaster at Music School, as well as artistic manager of Youth Choir and City Choir "Abrasevic". He was elected to educate the children of Serbian citizens living in Germany by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia. He worked in Berlin for four years (1995-1999). He continues his career of conductor in Valjevo as the conductor of City Choir "Abrasevic".

Valjevo is a city and the administrative centre of the Kolubara District in western Serbia. Its rich cultural heritage makes its inhabitants both proud and responsible for it. "Jazz Fest" and "Tesnjarske veceri", manifestations held annually in Valjevo, have become more than regional events.