Vocal Ensemble Bugojno

Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Samira Merdžanić conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Čaje šukarije (Chae Shukarie) Dragan Shuplevski (1933-2001) Traditional Macedonian
Otkako je Banja Luka postala Alma Karić (b. 1978) Traditional Bosnian song sevdalinka
Vita jelo, digni k nebu grane Traditional Bosnian village song
Nemoj žalit’ suzama (Don’t grieve with tears) Bosnian sacred song ilahija
Sve još miriše na nju (Her scent is still everywhere) Husein Hasanefendić-Hus (b. 1954) Husein Hasanefendić-Hus (b. 1954)
Dog Dog James Bevel / Bernard LaFayette James Bevel / Bernard LaFayette
Dobre djevojke (Good girls) Vedran Ivanković (b. 1974) Rajko Dujmić/ Stevo Cvikić
Sve još miriše na nju (Her scent is still everywhere) Husein Hasanefendić-Hus (b. 1954) Husein Hasanefendić-Hus (b. 1954)
Djevojko mala (Little girl) Darko Kraljić/ Bratislav Prokić (1920-1998) Božidar Timotijević (1932-2001)


Vocal ensemble Bugojno, conducted by Samira Merdžanić, was established in 1996. Today the choir includes mostly young people aged from 14 to 25. Its repertoire is based on old traditional songs from Bosnia but also includes modern and pop music. The Ensemble has taken part in various choir festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, including Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and France. Some of the most significant awards are: Gold medal for the International Choir Festival in Bijeljina (2014) and Second prize for the Ohrid Choir Festival 2014.

Samira Merdžanić has been the conductor and artistic director of the Vocal Ensemble Bugojno since 1996. She completed her music education in the accordion department and graduated from the teacher training faculty for music education. Samira currently works as an accordion teacher in a Primary Music School in Bugojno and she has lead many choirs in her hometown. At the First International Choir Championship “Lege Artis” in Tuzla (BiH), Samira was awarded with Diploma for the Best Conductor at the Choir Championship. Since 2016 she has been involved as the conductor and one of the leaders of Village Harmony (USA).

Bugojno is the town and municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated by the river Vrbas, surrounded by the Kalin and Rudina mountains. Its geographic location has a favorable climate with warm summers and cold winters and it is surrounded by plenty of drinking water from nearby springs. Bugojno is a modern and urban town, that became the center of several cultural and sporting events appreciated by local citizens as well as visitors.