Bački Pevači

Vrbas, Serbia

Jelena Aleksić conductor

Marko Aleksić guitar

Milena Aleksić piano accompaniment

Aleksa Valter kahon

Anastasija Kovačević, Tanja Vujičić & Tomislav Vučetić solo vocals


Title Composer Lyrics
April is in my Mistress’ face Thomas Morley (1557–1602) Thomas Morley (1557–1602)
Tebe pojem (Sing to thee) Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856–1914) Sacred
XIII Rukovet – pesme sa Kosova
XIII Garlands – songs from Kosovo
Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856–1914) Folk
Goce Todor Skalovski (1909–2004) Folk
Ameno Eric Lévi (b. 1955)
Jelena Aleksić (b. 1988)
Eric Lévi (b. 1955)
Adiemus Karl Jenkins (b. 1944) Karl Jenkins (b. 1944)
Super Trouper Benny Andersson (b. 1946)
Björn Ulvaeus(b. 1945)
Benny Andersson (b. 1946)
Björn Ulvaeus(b. 1945)
Devojko mala (Little girl) Darko Kraljić (1920–1998)
Jelena Aleksić (b. 1988)
Božidar Timotijeić (1932–2001)


Choir Bački Pevači (The Singers of Bachka) was founded in 2014 at the initiative of Jelena Aleksić with cooperation of the association Cube of Music. Among the significant performances of the choir are charity concerts for aiding flooded areas in 2014 throughout Serbia, a performance in Tuzla at the First International Festival of Choirs Lege Artis in 2016, as well as a concert at the Synagogue in Novi Sad in 2017. The choir opened the final basketball game Red Star - Vrbas singing the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, and the same year the choir sang the anthem for closing of the autumn session of the National Assembly of Serbia. Some of their latest awards include: Silver medal at The Festival "Majske Muzičke Svečanosti" in 2017 and Golden medal at the same festival in 2018.

Jelena Aleksić is the President of Music Association Cube of Music (Muzika na kub) and within the association she conducts The Singers Of Bachka (Bački pevači), and The Children Choir. She also works as a professor of music in an elementary school in Vrbas.

Vrbas is a well-known industrial town and municipality located in the South Bačka District of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. As of 2011, the town had a population of 24,112, while the municipality had 42,092 inhabitants. One of the greatest festival of poetry in former Yugoslavia, Festival poezije mladih (eng. Youth poetry festival), is placed in Vrbas.