Ensemble Golden Years

Velika Gorica, Croatia

Siniša Belošević conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Eleno, Eleno Branko Starc (b. 1954) Traditional Macedonian
Zdravi bili ded i baka Emil Cossetto (1918-2006) Traditional Turopolje
Grlica je zapivala Dinko Fio (1924-2011) Traditional Dalmatian
Ave Maria Ivan Zajc (1832-1914) Religious
Nisam dugo pjevala kroz selo arr. Kristina Benko Traditional Slavonian
Ave Maria Ivan Zajc (1832-1914) Religious
Stabat Mater Vladan Vuletin (b. 1960) Religious


Ensemble Golden Years is established in 2008 in the City of Velika Gorica, Croatia. Since then they have performed more than 400 times across Croatia and in several neighboring states. The repertoire is both classic and traditional. They also perform popular, national and religious songs. They sing in different domestic and international choirs competitions and during past 10 years they won several golden medals and dozens of silver and bronze medals together with numerous diplomas. The last silver medal was received at the Šibenik International Choir Competition in May this year.

Siniša Belošević is born in Zagreb 1954. He is engineer of the Aeronautics and Air Traffic Controlle who is in love with music from birth. He established the ensemble Golden Years in 2002. Several years he has been gaining the experience in conducting at the school for the choir directors of the HUZ (Croatian Conductors Association). He has also established the children and male choirs in his city. He composes music and organizes different music events like Children Choirs County Competition and VOX - Competition for soloists in singing and speaking.

About 60.000 people live in Velika Gorica with no industry, surrounded by woods and rivers. There are a lot of things to be seen: it is worth to mentioned 400-500 years old wooden chapels in almost every village in the County of Turopolje. The City of Velika Gorica won the second place among the most beautiful cities in the EU, few years ago. So, there you can find the tradition and modern life running together.