Women's church ensemble "Zene Mironosice"

Zrenjanin, Serbia

Zorica Kecić conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Blagoslovi duše moje Gospoda (Lord Bless My Soul) Russian chant Prayer
Vozbranoj (Hail, Bride) Stevan St. Mokranjanc (1856-1914) Prayer
Heruvimska pesma (The Cherubic Hymn) Jeromonah Siluan (Tumanov) (1866-1938) Prayer
Momi Tikveshanki (Girls Form Tikvesh) Dragan Shuplevski (1933-2001) Folk
Pesme iz Vojvodine (Songs From Vojvodina) Ljubomir Bošnjaković (1933-1987) Folk
Pokrov Majke Božije (The Protection of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary) Dragana Milanović Prayer
Carska Jektenija (Emperor Iktenia) Anonymous Prayer
Hvalite (Praise the Lord) Dmitrij Bortnjanski (1751-1825) Prayer


Women’s Church Ensemble "Zene Mironosice" was formed in 2002 in Orthodox Saint Archangel Michael church in Zrenjanin, Serbia. The choir sings at the Liturgies in the church every Sunday and performs at concerts and competitions. Among the prizes it has won, the most important are "Golden bell" in Pomorie, Bulgaria and three firs prizes at the International Choir Festival in Bijeljina, Bosnia. In 2015 the choir received the annual award of the town Zrenjanin for the preservation of tradition and performing spiritual and folk music.

The conductor Zorica Kecic was born in Zrenjanin. She has finished Musical Academy in Belgrade. She has worked as a mezzo soprano singer for many years. Also, she has worked as a music teacher, a church singer and a conductor of a female choir in Zrenjanin. Zorica Kecic has published a book named "The Importance of Spiritual Music in Primary School Teaching".

Zrenjanin is situated in the northeastern part of Serbia. It is well known as a "town of choirs". More than 26 choirs exist in Zrenjanin. The international choir festival dedicated to the famous conductor Slobodan Bursac, has been organized in Zrenjanin from 2014 and it is held every year in June.