Youth mixed choir "Mato Bučar" Petrinja

Petrinja, Croatia

Katarina Mandić conductor

Dora Lovreković, Lukrecija Štajcar & Bruno Lončarević solo vocals


Title Composer Lyrics
Heruvimskaja pjesnj (Heruvim song) D. Kovalevski Traditional
Bogoroditse djevo (Holy Mother) Arvo Pärt (b. 1935) Old Sacral
Ajd u kolo Vinko Žganec (1890-1976) Croatian traditional song
Weep, o mine eyes John Bennet (b. 1575) Anonymous
Ča je more (What is the sea?) Ivan Matetić Ronjgov (1880-1960) Istrian traditional song
Makedonsko Oro (Macedonian dance) Todor Skalovski (1909-2004) Todor Skalovski (1909-2004)


"Mato Bučar" Petrinja youth choir was founded in 2014. The choir unites young residents of Petrinja from the age of fifteen to thirty and works on popularizing choir singing among the Petrinja youth. The Ministry of Science, Education and Sport awarded the choir for successful work and admirable results with the knowledge Oscars in 2015 and 2016. The choir won two silver plaques at the 58th and 59th Musical festivities of the Croatian youth in Varaždin ( 2015 and 2016 respectively). At the first international choir competition Croatia Cantat, held in Osijek in 2016, the choir received a gold plaque in the folklore choir music category and a silver one in the classical choir music category.

Katarina Mandić is a 3rd year student on Music Academy in Zagreb (organs, in class of prof. Ljerka Orčić). Since 2013 she is the conductor of "St Cecilia" choir in Petrinja and since 2016 conductor of the youth choir "Mato Bučar".

Petrinja is a town in central Croatia, near Sisak, in the historic region of Banovina. The name of Petrinja has its roots in Latin petrus and Greek pètra, meaning "stone". It is said that the town existed in Roman era in the area of Zrinska Gora, which is very rich in stone. Tradition of choral singing in Petrinja is very strong and one of the oldest choirs in Croatia, HPD Slavulj, was formed in 1864.