Timișoara, Romania

Maria Gyuris conductor

Mariana Sînmărtinean piano accompaniment

Minodora Luca piano accompaniment & percussions


Title Composer Lyrics
Tanzen und Springen Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)
Messe brève - Agnus Dei Léo Délibes (1836-1891)
Festival Sanctus John Leavitt (b. 1956)
Dafino, vino crveno Dragan Shuplevski (1933-2001) Traditional Macedonian
Niška Banja arr. Nick Page (b. 1952) Serbian Gypsy Dance
Paparuda Dan Voiculescu (1940-2009) Marin Sorescu (1936-1996)


Cantanti Children's Choir was founded in February 2014. Children aged from 7 to 14 years from Timisoara gathered around their common passion: music. One month later, Cantanti gets approved by Cantus Mundi International Project, developed by Madrigal National Chamber Choir, and funded by The National Cultural Fund Administration. In December 2014, Cantanti was on stage with Madrigal National Chamber Choir at The Opera House in Timisoara, for the ceremony commemorating 25 years since the Romanian Revolution. The 3rd Prize won at Gavriil Musicescu International Choral Music for Youth, Iasi, in July 2015. Cantanti children choir participated also to the international festivals "Meet Mozart" (Salzburg, Austria, 2016) and "Istramusica" (Porec, Croatia, 2017).

The coordinating professor for Cantanti is Mrs. Maria Gyuris, an outstanding professional, fully dedicated to her conducting career. Her remarkable experience in this field is a proof of her efforts in putting together children's voices into an exceptional one. Piano: Prof. Mariana Sînmărtinean and Minodora Luca. Choreographer: Suzana Vrânceanu.

Cantanti Children's Choir comes from Timisoara, historical capital of the richly diverse Banat region, with a fascinating ethnic history. It has been in existence for about 800 years, and during that time it has been part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and finally Romania. Aptly called "Little Vienna", the beautiful city of Timisoara is full of charming town squares and architectural marvels. It's the western most major city in Romania, one of the most beautiful and coolest cities in Europe.