Pozarevac, Serbia

Ilija Rajković conductor & piano accompaniment

Dragana Kostić Milutinović & Miroslav Milutinović narrators

Lazar Nikolić violin


Title Composer Lyrics
Što mi e milo em drago (I'm Glad and Pleased) arr. Ilija Rajković (b. 1976) Folk
Poseja deda tri leje luka
(Grandpa Has Sown Three Garden Beds Of Onion)
arr. Ilija Rajković (b. 1976) Folk


Female Chamber Choir "Odjek" was founded in September 2017 at the initiative of Professor Ilija Rajković and works at the "Stevan Mokranjac" Music School in Požarevac. The reason for the establishment of this choir was the preparation of a collection of 15 choral arrangements of folk songs (Macedonian and other nationalities living in Macedonia) for the project of the European Union within the IPA Pre-Accession Assistance Foundation "Decade of Appreciation and Celebration of Diversity". The choir performs its compositions exclusively accompanied by a piano and one or more solo instruments. As a stylistically defined ensemble, the choir bases its repertoire on the interpretations of the folk music of the Balkan peoples, drawing on the inexhaustible source and richness that this music offers. Guided by this idea, the choir already has the songs of most Balkan countries in its repertoire. Their ultimate goal is to unite the songs of all the Balkan peoples, in original, already recognizable arrangements.

Ilija Rajković, "Spiritus movens" of the choir Odjek, is active in various spheres of cultural life of the city of Požarevac, deals with public performance, composition and arrangement, and is a member of a large number of vocal and instrumental ensembles. He works as a teacher at the music school "Stevan Mokranjac" in Požarevac.

Požarevac is a city with very rich history and diverse cultural events throughout the year. Known for Požarevac Peace Treaty (1718), Milena Pavlović Barili, Ljubičevo equestrian games etc.