Odins' Ravens

Oslo, Norway

Bjørn Hegstad conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Eg veit i himmerik ein Borg arr. Svein Arne Lindmark O.B. Støylen, Old traditional folk music
Gje meg handa di ven arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Sondre Bratland, Irish traditional folk music
My Lord what a morning arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Traditional
Always remember arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Traditional American spiritual hymn
Astri mi Astri arr. Svein Arne Lindmark Hans Hanson, Old Traditional Folk song
En liten vise arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Arnulf Øverland, Folk
Barndomsminner Adolf Thomsen, arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Elias Blix
Nocturne arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Evert Taube, Swedish folk music
Å, vil du hava meg til å kveda arr. Svein Arne Lindemark Old Norwegian folk song
Tanta til Beate Lillebjørn Nilsen, Django Reinhardt, arr. Svein Arne Lindmark
Om eg var ein rik mann (Fiddler on the Roof) arr. Svein Arne Lindemark
When I am 64 Lennon/McCartney-Beatles, arr. Svein Arne Lindemark
California Dreaming John and Michelle Philips, arr. Svein Arne Lindemark


Odins Ravner was established 1993 in Oslo, Norway. The first conductor was Ola Sætre, and the choir has been lead by several conductors since: Sven Arne Lindemark, Maria Haug, and the current Bjørn Hegstad. However the most influential leader of the choir remains Svein Arne Lindemark, as he is the arranger behind most of the choir's repertoire. The choir has a wide and entertaining repertoire with pop music, swing jazz and musicals, particularly older "vintage" songs from 1920 to 1970. The repertoire contains also folk music and some songs and hymns with national or sacred character. The choir rehearses once a week in Oslo University College. They regularly attend and organize festivals, choir gatherings, concerts and preforms on various occasions in the country and abroad: Estonia, Scotland, Poland, Ireland, and England. Odins Ravner is a member of Norwegian Singers Forum.