Vocal Group "Smirna"

Skopje, Macedonia

Valentina Velkovska conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Dostojno Est
(It is truly meet to bless thee)
Petar Dinev (1889-1980) St. John Chrysostom (349–407)
Gospodi vozvah (Lord, I have cried) Sotir Golabovski (b. 1937) Psalm 140 (141)
Da ispravitsja (Let my Prayer Arise) Sotir Golabovski (b. 1937) Psalm 140 (141)
Dobredojde, Hriste (Welcome, Christ) Christian folk song St. Nikolai of Ohrid and Zicha


The vocal group Smirna fosters the roots of the traditional Orthodox singing, the so called Byzantine chants and the latter style of liturgical music. It also nurtures the Macedonian folk singing. Officially founded in 2015, the singing of Smirna's 10 female voices could be often heard at spiritual academies and events, such as "The week to the Holy Scripture" since 2013. Smirna regularly sings at charity events and participates in festivals and competitions.

Since 2016, the conductor of the group is Valentina Velkovska. She has been active in music for more than 40 years as a member of many vocal groups and choirs. Besides choral conducting, she is also a solo singer of Macedonian folk songs and traditional Russian songs.

Smirna was established in Skopje, the Capital of Macedonia. Skopje is located in the upper course of River Vardar and the central area of the Balkan Peninsula. In Roman period it was known under the name Skupi. Among the cultural monuments which Skopje is famous for, are: The Stone Bridge, The Fortress Kale, The Monument House of Mother Theresa, The Old Bazaar, The Old Railway Station, The Orthodox Temple, The Orthodox Church St. Spas, The Mustafa Pasha Mosque, etc.