Skopje Gospel Choir

Skopje, Macedonia

Anet-Marija Mancheva Galevska conductor, solo vocal & piano


Title Composer Lyrics
Oh, Freedom arr. Anet-Marija Mancheva Galevska Religious
Oh Happy Day arr. Anet-Marija Mancheva Galevska Religious
Lean On Me /
Mary Did You Know
Bill Withers (b. 1938) /
Michael W. Smith (b. 1957),
arr. Anet-Marija Mancheva Galevska
Bill Withers (b. 1938) /
Michael W. Smith (b. 1957)


Skopje Gospel Choir (SGC) was founded in Skopje, Macedonia in 2013 by Anet-Marija Mancheva Galevska (MA in Music Theory and Education). Since the beginning, SGC provided a great gospel experience, warm community as well as unforgettable shows. SGC is comprised of two sections - Skopje Gospel Choir (14+) and Skopje Gospel Choir Juniors (up to 14 years). The members are as colorful as its repertoire and full of joyful singing. It is varied professions and life seasons united in one singing passion.

The founder and its conductor is Anet-Marija Mancheva Galevska. Raised on gospel music in her parent’s gospel singing church where she started performing at the age of five and started leading her first choir at the age of 9. Educated at the Music Academy in Skopje, Macedonia, performing in Europe and North America, she is an accomplished and diversified musician that composes, arranges, plays piano and sings as a soloist. She is absolutely in love with her choir and can’t wait to sing with it on a weekly basis.

The choir, as suggested by the name, is proudly from Skopje, Macedonia – the city and the country with a special affection for the various kinds of African-American music. The root of the affection is the resemblance of the Macedonian history and temperament with the one of the black people of America. Jazz, swing, blues, funk, soul, R'N'B are types of music that both Skopje and Macedonia enjoy. With the Skopje Gospel Choir, the tradition of enjoying and cultivating the best of the African-American music is coming full swing to its home away from home – to Skopje, Macedonia.