Chamber Choir "Canzonetta"

České Budějovice (Budweis), Czech Republic

Petra Nova - conductor
Lilija Cervena - piano accompaniment

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Prsten / The Ring Antonin Dvorak Frantisek Susil
Molitva / A Prayer Stojan Stojkov  
Venecek / Wreath Zdenek Lukas Czech Folk Poetry
Duo Seraphim Tomas Luis de Victoria Holy Bible Text
I Feel Pretty Leonard Bernstein Stephen Sondheim

“Canzonetta Chamber Choir” is a young choir, founded just  6 months ago in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic). The choir consists of about 25 singers, women and men ages 16 to 30. Some of them are former members of Canzonetta Children's Choir but most are simply fans of choral singing. The repertoire is focused on pieces of different periods, from The Renaissance to the 21st Century; songs by both Czech and foreign composers; and includes styles such as folk songs and spirituals.

The current conductor is Mrs. Petra Nova and the choir is accompanied by the professional pianist Mrs. Lilija Cervena. Mrs. Petra Nova is a conservatory teacher and has also been leading Canzonetta's Children's Choir since 2010.

Ceske Budejovice (or Budweis) is an old city located in the South of Czech Republic. It is the home of the famous Budweiser beer and well-known Hardtmuth pencils.

Petra NovaChamber Choir "Canzonetta"Chamber Choir "Canzonetta"Chamber Choir "Canzonetta"Chamber Choir "Canzonetta"Chamber Choir "Canzonetta"