Grassalkovich Vocal Ensemble

Hatvan, Hungary

Tamás Molnár - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer
Jubilate Deo / Sing joyfully to God Orlando di Lasso
Sfogava con le stelle / Vented with the stars Claudio Monteverdi
Első áldozás / First Holy Communion Zoltán Kodály
Aliluja / Hallelujah Zapro Zaprov
Régi Táncdal / Old Dance Song Lajos Bárdos

Sacred Section

Title Composer
100. zsoltár / Psalm No.100 Felix Mendelssohn
Éli! Éli! György Deák-Bárdos
Aliluja / Hallelujah Zapro Zaprov

The Grassalkovich Vocal Ensemble consists of amateur singers: ranging from teachers, doctors, engineers, and to entrepreneurs. Their main goal is to consistently create quality music and to introduce lesser known works and genres to the audience. Their repertoire is large: from baroque and classical composers to more modern and contemporary composers. The choir regularly performs at the events of the city of Hatvan and its municipalities. Since 2005 they have taken part in regional and international choir gatherings and competitions where they received high classifications. In 2010 they achieved one of the highest classifications of the Hungarian system: the “Festival degree.” The ensemble participates frequently in the country’s musical life, such as in the events of “Hungary is Singing.” In 2007 at the 20th International Chamber Choir Competition of Pécs, they were awarded the special award of the professional jury for the best interpretation of the work of Zoltán Kodály. In 2011 they received the regional audience’s award, the “Prima Primissima.” The choir has performed abroad as well: 2010 in the Czech Republic and 2011 in Slovakia where they won the first prize for performing contemporary works.

The conductor of the choir, Tamás Molnár, graduated from the Teacher Training High School of Szombathely in vocal and sacred music. Since then, he has been working in Hatvan as the cantor and conductor at the downtown Parish Church as well as the solfeggio teacher at the music school. During his weekends, he instructs organ and trains the would-be-cantors in the Cantor Training School of the Diocese of Vác. He also organizes concerts annually for hundreds of children, gives independent organ concerts and has a main role in constructing and renovating organs.

The city of Hatvan has 25,000 inhabitants and lies at the foot of Mátra Mountain, the highest peak in Hungary. Given that Hatvan is near Budapest, the capital of Hungary, it is easy to access any sort of entertainment or cultural activity.  Also, as the city is a junction of roads and railroads, it was convenient for the great international industrial companies to settle down in it, making it an industrial center. The city has five primary schools and three secondary schools. A third choir was called to life in 2003 by the citizens’ own cultural interest.

Tamás MolnárGrassalkovich Vocal EnsembleGrassalkovich Vocal EnsembleGrassalkovich Vocal EnsembleGrassalkovich Vocal EnsembleGrassalkovich Vocal Ensemble