Girls' Choir "Plejade"

Ajdovščina, Slovenia

Karmen Ferjančič Žgavc - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
O Regem Caeli – Natus Est Nobis Tomas Luis de Victoria Sacral from Breviary, Two Christmas Motets
Gottes Macht Und Vorsehung Adalbert Gyrowetz Christian Fϋrchtegott Gellert
Dajte novici na kolač arr. Ambrož Čopi Slovenian Folk
Davaj me mamo Zapro Zaprov Traditional Macedonian

Founded in 2003, the Plejade Girls' Choir is a young, yet renowned, dynamic choir from the Vipava Valley in the west of Slovenia. There are currently 20 members. The Plejade Girls' Choir performs a wide range of music, including sacred music, gospel music, Slovenian folk and contemporary songs, and arrangements of foreign popular songs.

They received their first gold in November 2006, when they participated in the contest of the choirs and choral ensembles of the Primorska region in Postojna. They won their second gold in November 2009, also in Postojna.

Since 2009 the conductor of the choir has been Ms. Karmen Ferjančič Žgavc. After graduating from the Music Academy in Ljubljana, she began teaching mnusic and piano in Ajdovščina. With her choir she likes to perform different types of music and especially music which is unknown or new for others.

Ajdovščina, town with 7,000 inhabitants, is the economic and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley, which lies in the west of Slovenia, near the Italian border. The town has an extremely rich and diverse history and, with its perfect combination of first Roman buildings and the medieval architectural developments, the town today offers its visitors numerous sightseeing opportunities. Especially interesting is the eastern part of the town with its partly restored the city wall, its tower, and its Renaissance castle arcades, which also form a part of the city wall. Social life in Ajdovščina is rich in all its aspects due to its highly respected cultural institutions.

Karmen Ferjančič ŽgavcGirls' Choir "Plejade"Girls' Choir "Plejade"Girls' Choir "Plejade"Girls' Choir "Plejade"Girls' Choir "Plejade"