Mixed Choir "Rodna Pesen"

Targovishte, Bulgaria

Krasimira Kolarova - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Agnus Dei Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina From The Catholic Mass
Milost Mira Dobri Hristov Bulgarian Orthodox Chant
Rum dum dum Dragan Shuplevski Folk
Svatba Ivan Valev Folk
Sednalo e Geore Stefan Mutafchev Folk Lyrics

Folk Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Ruso le, ruso, devoyche Todor Popov Folk
Rachenica Dobri Hristov Folk
Pesen Ivan Valev Folk
Sednalo e Geore Stefan Mutafchev Folk

The Rodna Pesen Mixed Choir at the Napredak Community Centre in Targovishte, Bulgaria was established in 1898 by 36 choral enthusiasts, and was conducted by Panayot Gabrovski. For 110 years now, the Rodna Pesen choir has been a tangible part of the cultural life of the town and of the country. The repertoire of the Rodna choir is comprised of Baroque compositions and Church-Slavonic chants as well as pieces by modern Bulgarian and foreign composers and folk-songs arrangements. Some Bulgarian composers have composed songs especially for the Rodna Pesen choir. The choir has had numerous tours in the country and abroad and has had concerts for the cultural programs of the World Esperanto Congresses in Varna, Slanchev Bryag, Athens, Beijing, Havana.

The Rodna Pesen choir is distinguished among all the Country Festivals of Amateur Art; it has been awarded Golden medals as well as the First class order of Cyril & Methodius, The Nikola Simov Badge of Honour, the Targovishte Golden Badge of Honour and awards from international contests in Poland, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, and others.

Since 1979, Artistic Director and Conductor of the choir has been Mrs. Krasimira Kolarova - graduated from the Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music in Sofia. She has completed a Choir Conducting Masters, and also studied with Prof. Vasil Arnaudov. Krasimira Kolarova has twice been awarded a Golden Lira for eminent achievements in music by the Union of Bulgarian Music Artists.

Krasimira KolarovaMixed Choir "Rodna Pesen"Mixed Choir "Rodna Pesen"Mixed Choir "Rodna Pesen"Mixed Choir "Rodna Pesen"Mixed Choir "Rodna Pesen"