Choir of the University of Alcalá

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Amaro González de Mesa - conductor
Ana del Puerto - piano accompaniment
Andrada Apolzan - solo vocal

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Oy comamos y bebamos / Let us eat and let us drink Juan de la Encina Juan de la Encina
Viejo malo / Bad old man Sedano (Cancionero de Palacio) Sedano (Cancionero de Palacio)
Vesame y abraçame / Kiss me and hug me Cancionero Duque de Calabria Cancionero Duque de Calabria
Chotis (de la Zarzuela “La Chulapona”) / Chotis (from the Zarzuela “La Chulapona”) Federico Moreno Torroba Federico Romero, Guillermo Fernández
Chotis del Elíseo Madrileño (de la Zarzuela “La Gran Vía”) / Elysee Chotis from Madrid (from the Zarzuela “La Gran Via”)* Federico Chueca, Joaquín Velarde Felipe Pérez
Pasacalle (de la Zarzuela “El año pasado por agua”) / Pasacalle (from the Zarzuela “El año pasado por agua”) Federico Chueca, Joaquín Velarde Ricardo de la Vega
Meri Tomcho Traditional Macedonian Traditional Macedonian

Folk Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Doña Ubenza (Huayno argentino) / Doña Ubenza (Argentinian Huayno) Liliana Cangiano Chacho Echenique
Gracias a la vida (Chile) / Thanks to the live (Chile) Violeta Parra Violeta Parra
Dulce embeleso (Bolero cubano) / Sweet Enchantment (Cuban Bolero) Electo Silva Miguel Matamoros
El arroyo que murmura (Guajira cubana) / The stream that murmurs (Cuban Guajira) Electo Silva Jorge Anckermann
Se todos fossem iguiais a você (Brasil) / If all of them were just like you (Brazil) Tom Jobim Vinicius de Moraes
Arnesto (Samba brasileña) / Arnesto (Brazilian Samba) Ricardo Szpilman Adoniran Barbosa

The choir of the University of Alcala was founded in November 1979, in the hands of a group of teachers and students who decided to give more prominence to the feast of St. Albert the Great, the patron of the Faculty of Sciences. In all these years of activity, the choir has grown and established itself as one of the strongest institutions of the University of Alcalá receiving the Silver Badge in November 2004 from his Excellency, Mr. Rector.

The Choir participates in numerous activities both inside and outside the University. One of its most notable responsibilities is being present for all official acts of the University, such as the Solemn Opening Ceremony, the Annua Conmemoratio Cisneriana and Cervantes Award of Literature.

One of the most cherished opportunities of the Choir of the University of Alcala has been to exchange musical and cultural ideas with choirs from other places, which has led to spread their music throughout many cities in Spain, as well as other countries like Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Argentina, and China.

Amaro González de Mesa has been the Conductor of the Choir of the University of Alcalá since 1997. He started his singing studies at the Conservatory of Oviedo. In 1993 he became part of the Royal Chapel of Madrid and in 1995 he furthered his singing studies at the Conservatory of Guadalajara. As a soloist, he has appeared in several works, including: "L'Orfeo" of C.Monteverdi under the direction of R. Alessandrini, "Coronation Mass" by W. A. Mozart with the Orchestra of San Jerónimo el Real, and "The Messiah" by G. F. Handel. He regularly cooperates with the RTVE Choir and with the Choir of the Community of Madrid.

Alcalá de Henares is a Spanish city belonging to the Community of Madrid which was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1998, thanks to the historic site and the building of the University.

Choir of the University of AlcaláChoir of the University of AlcaláChoir of the University of AlcaláChoir of the University of AlcaláChoir of the University of AlcaláChoir of the University of Alcalá