Academic Mixed Chamber Choir "Gaudeamus"

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Vesela Geleva - conductor
Tsvetan Tsvetkov - solo vocal

Competition Section

Title Composer
Angel vopiyashe / The angel summoned Petar Dinev
Tebe poem / To Thee we sing Dmitriy Bortnyanski
Bre, Petrunko Plamen Arabov
Temen se oblak zadade /
A dark cloud is approaching
Tomislav Zografski
Siromav / Poor man Dragan Shuplevski
Rosas pandan / Rose garlands George Hernandez
Freedom trilogy Paul Halley

Sacred Section

Title Composer
Dostoyno est / It’s truly meet Apostol Nikolaev-Strumski
Tebe poem / To Thee we sing Vasiliy Zinoviev
Ottsa I Sina I Milost mira №7 /
Lord, have mercy
Petar Dinev

The youth chamber choir “Gaudeamus” was established in 2006. During the years of its existence, it has had an intensive concert schedule, performing diverse choral music in numerous Bulgarian choir festivals and has been a resident choir in the First International competition for Young Choir Conductors “Maestro Mednikarov.”

The choir has taken part in a workshop of choral music under the direction of John Flummerfeld (USA), as well as in projects supported by European Culture Programs. Gaudeamus has performed many pieces by classical composers, but also has premiered works of contemporary French composers such as Beffa, Hersant, and Mazé. In collaboration with the student orchestra of the AMDFA Plovdiv, the choir has performed large scale works such as “Dido and Aeneas” by Purcell and Handel's “Semele”.

In April 2012 Gaudeamus was honored with an award from the Association of the Bulgarian Youth Choirs for high achievements. In June 2012, at the 9th International Festival of Orthodox music “It’s Truly Meet,” the choir was distinguished for monolithic sound, inspired performance and precise interpretation.

Vesela Geleva – the founder and conductor of Gaudeamus- graduated the National Music Academy Sofia after studying under professor Vasil Arnaudov. Since 1994, she has taught choral conducting and choral singing in AMDFA, Plovdiv, where she currently holds the position of associate professor. In 2006 she completed her doctoral thesis.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest towns in Europe and is situated on seven hills. It has many historical monuments from the Thracians, Romans, Greeks and Turks who have all at certain times occupied the city. Even in the present, Plovdiv is a place where many different nations live peacefully together. It is the second largest town in Bulgaria and is one of its cultural centers.

Vesela GelevaAcademic Mixed Chamber Choir "Gaudeamus"Academic Mixed Chamber Choir "Gaudeamus"Academic Mixed Chamber Choir "Gaudeamus"Academic Mixed Chamber Choir "Gaudeamus"Academic Mixed Chamber Choir "Gaudeamus"