Vocal Group "Libero"

Leskovac, Serbia

Miroljub Cvetković - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer
Blagorazumni razbojnik Nikoljevski
O Occhi, manza mia Orlando di Lasso
Sva nok sedam Treno Dragan Šuplevski
VII Rukovet:
More izvor voda, Ajde koj ti kupi
Stevan S. Mokranjac
Pošla moma na voda arr. Vojislav Simić

Folk Section

Title Composer
U tom Somboru starogradska pesma
Struga arr. Miroljub Cvetković
Rum dum dum arr. S. Pejakov

Pop Section

Title Composer
Oprosti arr. R. Kraljević
Devojko mala arr. M. Kraljić

The vocal group “Libero” was formed in 2010 with the intention of preserving and developing polyphonic singing in an a capella men's ensemble. The repertoire of the group is based on Serbian spiritual and folk music, but it is enriched by exquisite European musical works and music from the entire world.

The artistic purpose of group's work is to promote chamber vocal ensembles, as well as to preserve the traditional music of Leskovac and the surrounding region of Serbia. However, it has also been influenced by some new genres.

The group's contribution to the development of vocal chamber groups has stemmed from their authentic, honest, and original approach to their music as well as numerous musical arrangements adapted for a capella performances.

All of the members graduated from the Music Academy in Leskovac and all take part in the cultural events of the town. By its general individuality, this ensemble-consisting of experienced singers and music pedagogues-continually advance the standards of the vocal performance.

Leskovac is a city and a municipality in southern Serbia. It is the administrative center of the Jablanica District of Serbia. The city has 52,992 inhabitants, while the municipality has 143,962. Since it is characterized by a moderate continental climate with very mild winters and moderately warm summers, the region of Leskovac abounds in natural scenery which is exceptional in its diversity and beauty. Numerous mountains, lakes, rivers, spas, canyons and gorges are some distinct attractions of this region.

Vocal Group "Libero"Vocal Group "Libero"
Vocal Group "Libero"Vocal Group "Libero"Vocal Group "Libero"