Chamber Choir "Pro Musica"

Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

Zoltán Sipos - conductor

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Jubilate Deo Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Liturgical Text
Abendlied / Evening Song Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Liturgical Text
Daemon Irrepit Callidus György Orbán Liturgical Text
Eli, Eli György Deák- Bárdos Liturgical Text
Rum, dum, dum Dragan Suplevski Folk Song
Három Válaszúti Népdal/
Three Hungarian Folk Song
Mátyás Kozma Folk Song

Sacred Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Nunc Dimittis György Orbán Liturgical Text
Ave, Dulcissima Maria Carlo Gesualdo Liturgical Text
Hic Canit Hymnus Adrian Pop Liturgical Text
Jubilate Deo Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Liturgical Text

The Pro Musica Chamber Choir was founded in 1995. The members are teachers and undergraduates. The repertoire of the choir includes pieces of the universal choir literature, with a special emphasis on early and contemporary pieces. The choir performs frequently and successfully, representing the Transylvanian choir movement both home and abroad, including concerts in Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. They participate regularly in competitions and received many awards: 3rd prize at the International Choir Contest, Ankara,Turkey (1998), Silver medal at the International Choir Contest in Preveza, Greece (2002), and 3rd prize at the International Choir Contest in Zadar, Croatia (2010).

Sipos Zoltán was born in 1954 and graduated the Music Faculty within the Music Pedagogy Institute from Tg. Mures. He continued and completed his studies at the Academy of Music Gheorghe Dima from Cluj Napoca. Since graduation, he has been conducting 4 choirs, both nationally and internationally acknowledged: The Semeria Protestant Choir, the Childrens Choir of the High School of Arts, the Eufonia Youth Mixed Choir of the High School of Arts, and the Pro Musica Choir. All choirs are well known and have won several prizes. The conductor of the chamber choir Pro Musica, Sipos Zoltán obtained the Pro Cultura (1998) and the Albert Márkos (2003) prize for his work.

Sfântu Gheorghe is one of the oldest cities in Transylvania, the settlement first having been documented in 1332. The city takes it name from Saint George, the patron of the local church. While part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the city was the economic and administrative center of the Hungarian county of Háromszék, which spanned the present-day Covasna County and parts of Braşov County. In the second half of the 19th century, Sepsiszentgyörgy (the Hungarian name of the town) witnessed the development of light industry, namely, a textile and a cigarette factory were built.

Zoltán SiposChamber Choir "Pro Musica"Chamber Choir "Pro Musica"Chamber Choir "Pro Musica"Chamber Choir "Pro Musica"Chamber Choir "Pro Musica"