Kölcsey Choir

Debrecen, Hungary

László Tamási - conductor
Mihály Duffek - piano accompaniment

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
O regem coeli Tomás Luis de Victoria  
Die Capelle Op. 69 Nr. 6 /
The Chapel Op. 69 Nr. 6
Robert Schumann Johann Ludwig Uhland
Cantate Domino, Psalmus 95 Levente Gyöngyösi  
   1. Tajna, 2. Prolet /
   1. Secret, 2. Spring
Tomislav Zografski Blazhe Koneski
Tri dedinské scény:
   1. Svatba /
Three village scenes:
   1. Wedding
Béla Bartók Folk Song

The Kölcsey Choir was founded in the spring of 1979. Since then, the choir has been conducted by László Tamási. Their main purpose is to interpret contemporary music as well as that of the bygone ages at a high level, while establishing a close relationship among the members of the choir. The choir regularly holds concerts home and abroad. Their competition results, tours and records make them known all over Europe.

They have won numerous prizes and awards in many countries, and have attended many festivals and concert tours: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, USA. Their repertoire consists of pieces from Gregorian Chant to contemporary music. They have undertaken the premiers of several Hungarian as well as foreign composers. The choir has been awarded Nivo and Eminent prizes several times, the Artisjus Prize for the interpretation of contemporary pieces, and Pro Urbe Prize. They are qualified as Concert Choir “Summa Cum Laude”.

László Tamási founded the Kölcsey Choir in 1979. He was the official conductor of the professional Debrecen Kodály Choir for five years. Since 1990 he has been employed by the Nyíregyháza Teachers’ Training College, where he teaches choral conducting and choral literature. He also held session in the mentioned subjects as well as score reading at the Conservatoire of the Debrecen University. He has held concerts all over Europe, and has given lectures as a conductor and professor in Japan and USA. In 2010 he was awarded with Ferenc Liszt Prize for his professional work and achievement.

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. It is situated in the Great Plain about 30 km-s from the country’s Eastern border. The city has been the centre of the Hungarian Reformation since the 16th century and is often referred to as “Kalvinist Rome”. Its cultural programs are well-known all over Europe: the Flower Carnival, Bartók Béla International Choir Competition, Jazz Days, and many more.

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