Vocal ensamble "Ljube"

Novi Sad, Serbia

Teodora Pfajfer - conductor
Milan Drobac, Stefan Rašević, Nevena Stefanović - solo vocals
Marina Aleksić - piano
Gordana Đurić - accordion and cylindrical drum

Competition Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Makedonsko oro / Macedonian Dance Todor Skalovski Todor Skalovski
Zapevala sojka ptica /
When The Sojka Bird Sings
Traditional Serbian Song from Kosovo Unknown
Što se Bore misli moje /
Why Do My Thoughts Are Struggling
Teodora Pfajfer Mihailo Obrenovic
Ne idi od mene / Don’t Go Away From Me Rade Radivojević Rade Radivojević

Folk Section

Title Composer
Oj Coko Coko / Oy Coka Coka Traditional Serbian Song
So maki sum se rodila / With Pain I Was Born Traditional Macedonian Song, arr. Teodora Pfajfer
Vojvođanski splet / Songs from Vojvodina Traditional Songs from Vojvodina and Slavonija (Croatia)
arr by: Teodora Pfajter, Đorđe Karaklajić, Sava Vukosavljev

Pop Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Plava ptica / Blue Bird Sanja Ilić, Milan Sečujski Sanja Ilić
Laloški vals / Vojvodina’s Valc Đorđe Balašević,
Teodora Pfajfer
Đorđe Balašević

The choir “Ljube” was born from love of music and life, in the constellation of Aries, in 1993 in Novi Sad. They started singing in the music academy of Ljuba Čerevicki - Šoklovački. After she passed away, her daughter Todora Pfajfer took over the baton. Their performances are lively and sometimes, they last only to sing and to love. These are the girls and boys from some other world, and their reality are the dreams where they live with a lot of effort. Ljube are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time, decorated with the harmony of the spheres of Serbian, Russian, Romani, folk music and film music and the most unforgettable tunes of all time. They held over 20 solo concerts, 800 performances across the country and participated in several national and international festivals in Moscow, Krakow, Wroclaw, Perast, including the Festival in Fiorano - Italy where they won the first place for a cappella performance and the second place in overall competition.

Teodora - Doda Pfajfer was born in 1954 in Novi Sad. Her parents were teachers and musicians, so she was surrounded by music her whole childhood. She graduated elementary music school, after which she became a pupil of the oldest high school in Novi Sad, “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”. She graduated in Serbian language and literature in University of Novi Sad and became a professor in high school “Laza Kostić” in Novi Sad. Besides her professional carrier as a professor, she was a journalist in Vojvodina’s newspaper “Dnevnik” and she worked in Municipal Assembly of Novi Sad. After her mother, Ljuba Čerevicki-Šoklovački, passed away, she continued her work in conducting by forming the choir Ljube in 1993. Teodora Pfajfer also arranged a number of vocal pieces for many choirs.

Novi Sad is the biggest city in Vojvodina, the north province of Republic of Serbia, and it is located on the banks of the Danube river and on the north side of Fruška Gora mountain. The first mentions of Novi Sad were in 1694 and since than it is the centre of Serbian culture and because of this it is known as Serbian Athens. Novi Sad today is a very important industrial and financial center, cultural and scientific centre, university city and the host of many national and international events. The choir invites you to visit Novi Sad.

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